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A Second Life

Posted on March 17 2021

Focusing on new ways to stay green can be difficult, but sometimes with some creativity you can make life more sustainable.

Our new jars and ceramic candles for example can be used and kept for memories.  When you have finished enjoying your candle, you'll want to keep that jar, jars with lids make great storage containers for paper clips or stationary.

Clean out that jar by warming the outside by placing it in a warm tub of water, not allowing any wax down the sink is a good idea, so grab a paper tower and wipe away the inside of the jar and throw the used paper towel in the bin.

Give your jars a rinse using washing up liquid, sometimes our labels on some of our jars are permanent so you might want to see if it wants to come off... 

Other ways to make use of your jar, is to place air plant's or cacti.  Visit your local nursery to get some inspiration, usually most garden centres have staff which can help you find the right plant.

Send us your creative pictures by using the hashtag #beautymadeinengland and tagging us in your post's, for the chance to win a gift card.

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