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Beauty made in England

Posted on June 12 2020

Pharaoh’s wax candles, diffusers, room sprays, perfumes, soaps, creams are handmade in Scotland, England & Wales.

Some of our producers have experienced in house artisans who create natural fragrances for Pharaoh London. Our products are made by hand using the finest available ingredients. Argan oil, essential oils are organic. 

Our incense sticks are unique as some are infused with essential oils and are made by hand in England.  The container used for holding the sticks are made of a sustainable glass tube with a steel lid. The same go's for our luxury bath salts range.

We use mixture of sustainable packaging, this includes our parcel packaging.  Our packaging is FSC certified making it much more sustainable. When sending liquids we are required sometimes to use a bag, our bags are recyclable locally. Select bags are biodegradable. Always check on the packaging for further recycling advice. 

Our product labels for our core organic range are sustainably recyclable. We continue to work with our suppliers on working to find better solutions for all our packaging. 

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