Majestic Oud Car Wardrobe Natural Diffuser 7ml

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Fragrance your car or caravan, draws and cupboards with our naturally filled hanging diffuser containing 7ml fragrance. Made from glass wood and string, it is safe and friendly for the environment. Much safer than factory manufactured car diffusers which usually contain strong harmful chemicals which can trigger headaches. Our new car diffusers are 100% Natural and available in our core fragrance collection.


  • Majestic Oud Car Wardrobe Natural Diffuser 10ml (Luxury fragrance oil)
  • Nefertiti (Sweet orange Geranium Lavender Lavandin Ylang Ylang ) - essential oil Amun (Neroli Sweet Orange Lavender Lavandin Rosemary - essential oil
  • Ra (Orange Clove Cinnamon) - essential oil Our diffuser oil is no ordinary oil.
  • Amun (Sweet Orange Lavender Ylang Ylang)..

We use sustainable Soya bean base oil. Our collection combines the use of essential oils. Our base oil contains at leat 20% essential oil. This is a safer and more environmentally friendly reed diffuser and last longer than your usual alcohol based diffusers.

Our diffuser oils are also Alcohol & Glycol Free making them more environmentally friendly. This comes with a lovely clear glass bottle with stopper, so you can diffuse fragrance when you like and refill using our oils.

7ml can last about 3 to 4 weeks depending on conditions inside the car or your home.

Dispose carefully in your recycling bin.

Made in England


(No reviews yet) Write a Review