Natural Reed Diffuser Refill Collection 150ml

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Our reed diffuser oil is no ordinary oil. sustainable Soya bean base oil has been used to create a non toxic diffuser. The collection combines the use of essential oils. The base oil contains at leat 20% essential oil. This is a safer and more environmentally friendly reed diffuser and last longer than your usual alcohol based diffusers. The diffuser oils are also Alcohol & Glycol Free making them more environmentally friendly. 150ml will usually last between 4-5 weeks depending on your local climate.

The bottle is suitable for display and you can use it straight away by placing the sticks into the bottle. Place bottle in a safe location away from pets and children.

Always use gloves and pour with care when refilling any bottle. Use half a bottle at a time to keep your reed oil fresher for longer.

Turn reeds over using gloves or paper tissue, when you need a burst of fragrance. Reed sticks get clogged up after time, we recommend replacing your reed sticks every 5 Weeks. 1 pack of reed sticks is included.

150ml Glass brown bottle (sold without box)

1 Pack of Free Reed Sticks Packaging is organic, and are recycled products, our packaging includes FSC®-products & Fairtrade® products.

Our packaging is non-toxic for the environment.

Packaging: Sold without black card box, recyclable pet bottle.


Nefertiti (Sweet orange Geranium Lavender Lavandin Ylang Ylang )

Amun (Neroli Sweet Orange Lavender Lavandin Rosemary)

Ra (Orange Clove Cinnamon)

Made in England

Safe for Export


(No reviews yet) Write a Review