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We are always looking to supply retailers and small boutique shops with our British made products.  Our suppliers and manufacturing takes place in the United Kingdom.  Our suppliers and the ingredients have all been responsibly vetted.  Some ingredients used in our products have certification for Vegans and Organic ingredients.  Our supply chain also use Fair Trade ingredients.   
Wholesale - Pharaoh London Cosmetics UK ltd

Our luxury home, bath, beauty collection is sold in packs of 6's and 12 for the UK market.  If you are ordering from overseas than the requirements are 24 and 48.

For further information please email us from your business email address, confirming your business location and a brief description about your business to:

Call us on 00 44 (0) 12244 786 000

00 44 (0) 7585 357 227

Shipping | Pharaoh London Cosmetics UK 

DHL UK SHIPPING - Some delays expected