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beauty made in England

Pharaoh’s wax candles, diffusers, room sprays, perfumes, soaps, creams are handmade in Scotland, England & Wales.
Some of our producers have experienced in house artisans who create natural fragrances for Pharaoh London.  The herbs and spices that are used in some of our products are sourced from the same estate as where they are produced. Our core range includes products made using organic Argan oil, Wheat Germ and Grape Seed oil. Our creams are made using COCOA Butter and Shea Butter.  Most of our collection includes natural essential oils and essential oil blends which have been curated in house for Pharaoh London Cosmetics UK.
Beauty made in England | Pharaoh London UK
Our core products have ingredients which have been sourced carefully and are Fair Trade.  A selection of our body creams and oils are also suitable for Vegans and are Organic.  Our suppliers work with strict code of conduct, making sure the ingredients we use  in our products are sourced responsibly.  Our travel gift bags have been sourced responsibly and are made from ECO Cotton which has been sourced responsibly and is Fair Trade. This includes our parcel packaging which supports the action programme for Women & the Environment, SUPPORTED BY RAJA-DANIÈLE MARCOVICI FOUNDATION.
Our packaging is designed with the environment at the heart of our design process, including the parcel packaging we use.  We design our product packaging which is either recyclable or re-usable.  Most of our boxes are made of card and can be recycled locally.  Our bottles and hand cream tubes are made of HDPE and Metallic Plastic which can be recycled. Our labels are made of a combination of recycled paper and recyclable plastic.
We are working on moving our range to becoming even more sustainable by introducing complete aluminium range, including refill options.
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Beauty made in England

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