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Saying thank you with our NHS & Civil Service Covid-19 discount

Saying thank you with our NHS & Civil Service Covid-19 discount

The last three months have been tough on us all, but none more so than those working on the frontline.  Our NHS staff & Civil Service are the true heroes of the coronavirus pandemic.


From those that are working directly with Covid-19 patients, to those who are keeping our NHS & local government, policing, fire service and armed forces, running in this new and strange world; we thank you!


Here at Pharaoh London UK, we pride ourselves on beauty made in England.  So, while you look after England, let us look after you.  We have a few products that we think you will love.


How Pharaoh can help?

Whilst the hand washing and cleaning has stepped up for everyone, for those working with our most vulnerable and sick members of society this is crucial.


But regular use of soaps and sanitisers can dry and your skin and potentially lead to cracked and sore hands.  Not what you want to deal with when you are working hard to keep everyone safe.


We also feel that in stressful times, you need some luxury.  Beautiful fragrances that bring joy and calm into your life as you go about your work.


Our products are here for you.  Whether you want to prevent the spread of infection, keep your hand soft or inject some luxury into your life, we have what you need.


Pharaoh's hand sanitiser

No product has seen a great demand in 2020 than hand sanitiser.  For a while it was almost impossible to get hold of.


At Pharaoh’s, we make our own hand sanitiser using 70% alcohol.  Like all our products, they are sustainably made and eco-friendly.


We have added aloe vera to our hand sanitiser to give you a soothing and conditioning experience.  Perfect for healing hands hard at work.

Pharaoh's Hand Wash

With all this frequent hand washing, we feel that you deserve for it to be a bit special.  Our luxury velvet peony and oud hand wash is the perfect solution.


Allow the beautiful, aromatic scents of this hand wash to carry you away, whilst still cleaning your hands and reducing germs.


It will leave your hand feeling clean, fresh and gently fragrant as you head back out into the world.  Cruelty-free and sustainably made too.

Pharaoh's rich hand cream

When you are working in hospitals, surgeries or out in the community, hand washing is regular part of the job.  Chances are that even before the pandemic landed, frequent hand washing was drying out your skin.


With hand washing now more important than ever, your hands need some care too.  Pharaoh’s hand cream is fabulous for keeping your hands soft and supple.


Subtly fragranced with our signature velvet peony and oud, this delicate scent will leave your hands feeling nurtured and ready to go.

Pharaoh's Luxury body cream

Our wonderful hand cream can also be used as a body lotion too.  Frequent showering when you get home from work is a must for those working with Covid-19 patients.  Your body needs looking after too.


Take some time after your shower to treat your skin to all-over moisture.  A luxury experience for a body that is working hard for our communities.


It will improve your mood and help you sleep, and you more than anyone deserve to feel happy and well-rested right now.


Organic and sustainable products

We are committed to providing you with products that are luxurious and cleansing.  But we also value the planet that we live on and all its inhabitants.


We don’t test our products on animals and try to source organic ingredients wherever possible.  This ensures that we aren’t part of the problem, but instead are part of the solution.

Free membership to club pharaoh gold for 12 months.

You'll be treated to 12 months free access to our club pharaoh gold.  You'll be able to save on refills and much much more.

How to claim your discount

As our way of saying thank you, we are offering all NHS workers 10% off our entire range and free membership to Club Pharaoh Gold for 12 months.


To activate your discount you need to open an account, then email us at: with proof of your employment status.  This will then be added to your account.  Will will send you additional details of how to access club pharaoh.

This promotion is available to all civil servants serving in the United Kingdom only.

Promotion currently is not available to civil servants working overseas.


Thank you to everyone at NHS England & The Civil Service !





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