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At  Pharaoh London Cosmetics, we work with some of the oldest and best British manufacturers, with most of our partners and suppliers based in the United Kingdom.

We pride ourselves in producing candles with 100% handmade wax that is created and poured right here in the United Kingdom.   Our luxury shower gels, soaps and butter creams are made in England.  Our collection includes products made from fair trade and organic ingredients. Some products include raw ingredients such as Grape Seed Oil and Argan Oil. We have been focused on developing the brand to support people affected by COVID-19, this includes a selection of hand sanitisers which can be used in the bathroom or travel. 

Our emergency COVID-19 kit was developed in late June 2020 as a direct response to global needs from COVID-19.  Our COVID-19 kit  is a single use kit designed to be used only for 1 journey, the kit and sanitiser must be disposed before leaving quarantine or the airport.  This kit will help combat the global fight against the spread of covid-19.  (The kit includes 1 face mask, pair of gloves, 75ml hand sanitiser, 2 swabs for cleaning controls and a pair of ear plugs). The kit can be also used for one time use at construction sites.

As an international brand, we are committed to ethically sourcing our crystal glass, metals, and ceramics from local suppliers.  We proudly commission local designers and artists in the regions in which we sell our products. We have an undying commitment to sustainability, constantly striving to deliver products that are made from sustainable material that can be recycled locally or reused.
Pharaoh London UK is working on developing and working on the SDGS goals towards 2030 Vision click here to learn more.

We strive to support communities who are affected by disasters and emergencies by donating emergency packs.  Emergency packs contains items such as shower gels, soaps.

All our parcel packaging supports the Raja-Danielle Marcovici Foundation a charity supporting & empowering women and facilitating  them into sustainable work. Learn more about the charity by clicking here 

We also work with and support projects run by Rotary of Great Britain & Ireland to find our more click here.

Our commitment to reducing plastics: we have reduced plastic in our chain, all our wax melts are sold without plastic packaging.   We have eliminated most single use plastics in our chain, our current soap and lotion bottles are made of HDPE plastic which are BPA free, these can be recycled locally in centres globally. 

This type of plastic can be recycled up to 10 times.  We are committed to customer safety and accessibility, these bottles allow customers with disabilities to get to our product safely without the worry of glass breakages.  We will change our packaging again when suitable material becomes available in the packaging industry.  

Working with partners who are committed to sustainability helps the environment directly, such as your UK deliveries.  Our UK EU shipping partner uses electric vehicles to get parcels to you, reducing carbon footprint.  The packaging we use is completely recyclable.

All our products are sold in luxury boxes made of sustainable-recyclable material.   When we come into contact with plastics in our chain, we aim to re-use it and prevent it from going to landfill.


Pharaoh London Cosmetics | Beauty Made in England

We source and use the best quality glass, ceramics for all our products. Our signature crystal candle vessels are made in India and also undergo strict safety tests and a variety of inspections to ensure that every customer receives quality handmade crystal glass.

The crystal glass we use is unique in that it boasts a better looking flame and sparkle, which is unattainable by using standard glass that other brands and manufacturers use. We are always focusing on making candlelight more enjoyable. Our wicks are made from cotton, spun and tested.  

We, at Pharaoh, devote great care into the products we make.  Before shipping customer orders, we will always carry out a final inspection to make sure your order is perfect. 

At Pharaoh London we currently sell to customers directly through our website and Etsy, including trade shows and pop-up shops.  We also supply local London gift shops.  If you are interested in stocking any of our products, please get in touch.  The MOQ's for local customers in the London area is 50 units of any stock products . International orders MOQ is 250 Units. Please email us at for further information.

Gurdeep Singh

Ceo | Founder

Pharaoh London Cosmetics UK Ltd 


Pharaoh London Cosmetics UK ltd | Beauty Made in England - 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX tel: 012244 786 000

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