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Safety & Care Advice

At Pharaoh London, we want to ensure that you enjoy your purchase safely.  You'll find some useful advice here for candles, hand sanitisers and room diffusers.

General Advice

  • Candles should always be used in a well-ventilated room. 
  • Surfaces should be fire resistant and fixed. Always trim the wick to under 4mm. 
  • Use a long match or candle lighter to light your candles.
  • To extinguish candles properly, always use a snuffer or lid. 
  • Blowing candles out will reduce the candles life, as well as the burn quality, and can cause smoke to rise.
  • Do not use your candle when it is 5mm from the bottom of the vessel.
  • Keep children and vulnerable adults away from candles or use under supervision. 
  • Keep candles away from pets and aquatic life. 
  • Do not eat or taste the candles.
  • Dispose candles in accordance to your local waste recycling authority.
  • Some people may experience an allergic reaction to scented candles.
  • If this occurs, refrain from using the candle immediately.
  • Contact your local doctor or hospital.

 Using Hand Sanitiser safely

  • Apply only a small amount on the palm of your hand, and rub with both hands crossing fingers over palms of your hand.
  • Keep away from children and pets. 
  • Apply hand gel to children's hands supervised.
  • The contents are highly flammable, therefore store in a cool place, away from high heat, sparks, flames.  If hand gel is in eyes, wash immediately by rinsing with water continuously for 3 minutes, if irritation continues, keep on rinsing.  If problem persists seek medical advice, contact a doctor or hospital, take the bottle and contents with you.
  • Some bottles have a safety twist lock , use this to prevent children using the bottle and allowing the contents to stay fresher for longer.

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Our helpline number is
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email us if you require more information


Keep diffusers and room sprays away from children, pets, aquatic life and dispose contents safely after use. 

  • Keep matches away from children. 
  • When handling reeds, please use gloves and protect the surfaces where you place the diffusers.


When using our Signature Crystal vessels, we recommend occasionally cleaning the glass with aclean kitchen towel before lighting the candle. Pharaoh Crystal vessels have been designed to be reused.​  To remove the wax from the crystal vessel, place it in a tub with warm water and a small amount  of soap for 20 minutes.   After this time, you may see wax float to the top. Remove this    by using a kitchen towel and wipe clean the vessel with a fresh kitchen towel.

  • Never pour wax down kitchen drains or toilets.
  • When lighting your candles always keep your wick trimmed.
  • Light your candle for at least two hours.
  • It's best to stop using your candle between 3 or 4 hours.
  • Wait for the candle to pool out to the edges, this means your candle is burning correctly.
  • Do Not leave candles unattended.
  • Use a dish or solid fire resistant surface.
  • Do not touch or move containers or candles when and after they have been lit.  Always allow to cool before moving any candles.
  • Some customers can experience an allergic reaction to creams or lotions, always test on a small part of your skin before use, if you may be concerned.  Always read the label. 
  • If you experience any skin reactions to our shower gel's or hand wash, please discontinue use and contact us.  Send back the product, including contents to us.


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